A Simple Solution for fine tuning surgical monovision


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If you have had LASIK, another form of laser vision correction or cataract surgery and have monovision, then spare-specs may be the ideal solution to fine-tune your vision.

spare-specs are manufactured specifically for monovision patients and are available in distance prescription clear lenses for night driving, distance prescription sunglasses for daytime, in monovision clear and sun readers for prolonged reading or very fine print and binocular reading glasses, which have identical prescriptions for each eye, for patients who have both eyes corrected for distance.

spare-specs refocus are specifically designed for cataract surgery patients with multifocal intraocular lens implants.

spare-specs are also available for patients who would like better distance and reading vision prior to LASIK enhancement.

A simple, high quality and convenient solution for fine-tuning monovision at times when the very best binocular vision is necessary.

Recommended and prescribed by the best and most experienced LASIK and cataract eye care professionals nationwide.

Celebrating our 15th year in business as the pioneer of fine-tuning for surgical monovision.