GEEK Eyewear ®


Leading designer and marketer of optical frames, GEEK Eyewear® celebrates diversity, individuality, and creative enthusiasm of Geek culture. Considered the new chic, the "Geek lifestyle" has extended to all areas of pop-culture including fashion, sports, technology, music, gaming, film, art and entertainment. GEEK Eyewear®  is committed to quality, passion and innovation while having fun. In that very spirit, GEEK Eyewear® embraces the Geek in every one of us, with a range of styles for men, women and teens.

Their Vision is to Create a Global Community for people who are willing to share their GEEK ideas, skills, passion, fashions with others.

We are proud to offer GEEK Eyewear® for custom upfit in clear and sun standard monovision distance and reading, binocular and custom prescriptions, priced 40% below retail optical prices -- $45.95 per pair!

Simply select a frame and enter your prescription in the data fields.